Falconry Experience
Enjoy a truly unforgettable Falconry Experience with North Yorkshire Moors Birds of Prey. Contact us for a bespoke Falconry day for groups or individuals.

Falconry Experience Day

Do you seek a day to remember interacting with our enchanting raptors?

Your action packed day will start with an introduction to our various birds of prey and the chance to learn about the birds and their natural habitat. There will be plenty of opportunities to chat to our experienced falconers, who will be on-hand to support you throughout the day. We will provide you with an opportunity to get up close to the birds and hold, handle and fly a full range of owls, hawks and falcons.

Once the formalities are over, you can select a bird of your choice and walk freely through the open countryside. Watch in amazement as the bird swoops silently and elegantly down from the trees and lands on your gloved fist – a truly exhilarating experience.

Grab this rare chance to see these remarkable birds in their wild habitat, showing off a wide range of natural behaviours and characteristics.  As the day comes to a close, the falconers will share their knowledge with you and answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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Costs and packages

Our falconry experience days usually run between 10am until 4pm, dependent on the weather and season of the year. We keep the groups to a manageable size to ensure maximum learning and enjoyment. If you would like to be a VIP for the day and have the attention of the full falconry team at your disposal, this can also be arranged. Both prices include a bar meal at a local, traditional village pub

Group Price

£99.00 per person

VIP Day Price


Feel like getting involved in one of our falconry experience days?


Falconry Courses

Does the thought of being a Falconer excite you? It excites us, and we’ve been doing it for years!

Whether you’re interested in owning a bird of prey or just curious about what it takes to be a falconer and the responsibilities and nurturing involved, our experienced falconers will tailor the course to your needs and expectations in their more than capable capacity as birds of prey experts.

Featuring a comprehensive, hands-on experience, our falconry course introduces you to the wonderful relationship between the falconer and the trained bird. During the course you will learn about the daily upkeep, housing, training and management of the birds. And for those who want to take a step further, a more in-depth understanding about purchasing the right bird for you, equipment, transportation, food, diet, manning, training, flying free, entering, hunting, coping, imping, health problems and laws and regulations. We have it all covered.

We will also explain, in detail, the personal obligations and commitment required for owning a bird, with a mentorship program to suit your requirements available once the course has finished. We keep the groups to a manageable size to maximize enjoyment and impact, but if you would like the falconers to yourself for the day and have the full team at your disposal, this can also be arranged.

With 1 to 5-day courses available, course lengths can be tailored to each individual’s wishes.