Special Occasions
Birds of Prey for Weddings & Civil Ceremonies

Birds of Prey for Weddings & Civil Ceremonies

Would you like something unique and imaginative on your wedding day or civil ceremony?

North Yorkshire Moors Birds of Prey would like to offer you the opportunity to make your special day even more memorable with our stunning array of owls and hawks. Just take a second to imagine the reaction of your guests when your wedding rings are elegantly delivered by one of our specially trained birds of prey during your ceremony.

We will take care of everything. Arriving 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony at your chosen venue, we will introduce your selected receiver to the owl or hawk of your choice, then commence some practice runs for approximately 15 minutes to ensure your special day runs without a hitch.  Then, as your guests are seated, we will remain at the back of the venue out of sight until required. Once the cue is given, the owl or hawk is released and your rings are gracefully delivered. The rings are then untied and the bird called back to the falconer.

This is your special day and we want to make it perfect by meeting your exact requirements, vision and aesthetics. So whether you’re having a traditional, modern, fairytale or medieval-themed ceremony, we’re here to accommodate your every need.

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Wedding Packages

Tailored packages to suit your requirements for the big day

Bronze Package

£ 295

Surprise and amaze your guests
as your selected receiver raises
their arm to an owl or hawk,
which glides stylishly down the
aisle resting softly on their hand.
Watch the congregation smile and gasp
as the rings are delivered and the
bird returns graciously back to the falconer.

Silver Package

£ 495

As well as the delivery of your wedding rings by one of our birds of prey during the ceremony, your guests will be met by our falconers and birds upon arrival at the venue. We will set up a static display featuring several specially chosen birds sited in a location of your choice to allow your guests to visit and photograph the birds during the special day. We will also provide an opportunity for the happy couple to have their photograph taken with some of our birds and a complimentary framed photograph will be provided as our wedding gift to you.

Gold Package

£ 695

Combining all the features of our Bronze
and Silver services, our comprehensive
Gold wedding package also includes a flying
display by one of our experienced falconers
and a selection of birds of prey. Guaranteed
to wow your guests, the unique display will
be held at a time of your choice and will
complete a wonderful, bespoke bird of prey
display on your special day.

Birds of Prey for Parties

Looking for something completely different to amaze your party guests?

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, the North Yorkshire Moors Birds of Prey team will entertain your guests and provide something fun and entertaining for all. Regardless of the age of your guests, the team will cater to your requirements with a large selection of captivating birds of prey.

The guest of honour will get the opportunity to take part and fly some of the birds, and there will be plenty of opportunity after the display for all the guests to get up close and take plenty of photographs with these stunning animals. The guest of honour will be given a complimentary framed photograph with a bird of their choice as a memento of the treasured day.

For that added, personal touch, you can decide which birds the team brings from a large selection of owls, hawks and falcons. Regardless which of our birds you choose, we can guarantee a party you will remember for a long time to come.

As with all our packages, we offer bespoke parties that can be tailored to your every desire. So if you’re a lover of Harry Potter, Halloween, Medieval times or any other theme, our birds of prey are here to ensure your special day is never forgotten. You name the theme and we’ll provide the team!

Cost from £150